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ith 19 years in the automotive industry, Toni Anne was coined “The Billion Dollar Girl” in early 2017 because of her success in running the business development and e-commerce departments for the 23 rooftops that make up the 1.1-billion-dollar Atlantic Automotive Group for the last 7 years.
After receiving a B.S. in political science from Hunter College in New York City, Toni Anne decided to remain in the automotive industry. She started as a receptionist fifteen years ago with the Bay Ridge Automotive Management Group. Within 3 months, she was offered a full-time position in their business development department and shortly thereafter was offered a position to manage the business development and internet departments for Bay Ridge Toyota. Toni Anne remained with the Toyota franchise and came to work for the Atlantic Automotive Group, also known as the NY Auto Giant in 2008 at Toyota of Huntington where she received numerous customer relations awards and certifications from Toyota Motor Sales and ran one of Atlantic Auto Group’s most successful business development departments. In February of 2011, she was offered the director position with Atlantic Auto Group and has since increased group wide production and process in this area tremendously. Toni Anne’s daily responsibilities included coordinating with multiple agencies to enhance digital marketing for the group, creating, maintaining and measuring the internet and business development processes for all stores on behalf of the partners, developing and maintaining the new hire and interview process for all appointment coordinators and business development managers, as well as teaching ongoing and consistent internal training courses for the Atlantic Automotive Group on topics including phone up process, internet phone and email process, email etiquette, leadership and others. Toni Anne often says, “I have been asked by many people how I made it work. Balancing all those stores and my family, especially being a woman in this business and a mom. I have two children, and my husband is a general manager of a dealership. To me, the answer is simple really. It’s all about the people that you surround yourself with. Find the right people, offer the right training and coaching and keep that up, don’t just do it at hire and forget about that or them. If you do that and lead by example, the rest of it falls into place and you just have to maintain it. I had 19 BDC managers and over 70 appointment coordinators. I credit my people with all our success, not myself, and while I held them accountable, I always let them know how great of a job they did and how much I appreciated the hard work and effort they put into the success of the Atlantic Automotive Group. I am truly blessed, and I never forget that and I absolutely never forget where I came from.” Despite numerous obstacles in her life including her immediate family members battles with drug addiction and substance abuse (of which she is a strong advocate for system reform), as well as losing both of her parents at a young age, Toni Anne is proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. There are no excuses, and she includes leadership and mindset training in her dealer curriculum as a result of her experiences. As a Christian, who is also active in her local church, and a mentor to a teenage girl living in a group home, Toni Anne’s faith is strong, and she credits God with bringing her through the storms and never leaving her side. Toni Anne left the Atlantic Auto Group in June 2018 after ten years with them to start her own business and that is when The Billion Dollar Girl was born. BDG, Inc provides consulting, training and call center services to dealers across the country.

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