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What Can I Help You with?

Video Training

From CRM Setup and Analysis, to Vendor Accountability, HR, and Leadership skills you will learn the skills needed to take your dealership to the next level.


Get one on one personal attention with Toni Anne Fardette. Her personal experience successfully managing a billion dollar automotive group will help you make more money, guaranteed!

HR needs

Finding the right people (and keeping them) is critical for any dealership to thrive. Toni Anne will guide you in implementing her proven HR process that allows you to hire and KEEP great people.

Video Emails

1 Minute of video is the equivalent of 1 million written words. Are you leveraging the power of video in all of your email responses? If not, you should be, I will show you how to make video work for you.

CRM Setup

Garbage in, garbage out. Improper CRM setups cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of loss for automotive dealerships. Every prospect, lead, followup needs to be documented and tracked. I will help you bring your CRM game to new levels.

Process Maps/Digital Retailing Process

Digital retailing is the new automotive battle ground, how is your dealership faring? Get your Processes and Digital Retailing processes on track with my proven system.

Leadership Skills

Leaders have people who follow them while managers have people who work for them. Which side of this are you on? Leadership starts at the top. I will show you how to be the leader you want your team members to be.

Relevant Responses

Generic responses are one of the key killers of followup and conversion for automotive dealerships. I will show you how to make your responses specific and relavant every time.

Phone Skills Training

Your phones are your front line. How are your troops performing? I will show you exactly where they excel and where they need help. Let’s make your team’s phone skills world class.

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