With almost 20 years in the automotive industry working with BDC, internet sales, training and process, Toni Anne brings the most personalized, but proven to work CRM action plans, text templates and email templates that are based on what the consumer wants and how they think when considering their next vehicle. These action plans and templates include internet follow-up, appointment follow-up, unsold follow -up, retail and lease retention follow up, as well as action plans and templates for service maintenance, defecters, recalls, and inspection campaigns. Video email training and scripting is also provided as part of this service, as well as proper and clean usage of the CRM by using a CRM health report built by BDG. Inc to help hold your staff accountable, as well as set up automated and accurate CRM reporting focusing on the data you need and want to see for each department.

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The Billion dollar girl Method

Toni Anne isn’t just a speaker, she actively managed over a Billion dollar operation and can help you operate like a Billion dollar operator yourself!