With almost 20 years in the automotive industry working with BDC, internet sales, training and process, Toni Anne brings the best consulting approach available. Based on her 5 CORE belief model, BDG. Inc can and will bring not only a fresh and honest perspective to you and your team, but the difference is in the execution. Most consultants simply “consult.” In other words, they usually tell you what you already know is wrong, but don’t actually provide a true plan and process to attack the deficiency and then consistently execute that plan. Toni Anne’s innate ability to identify the problem at its root cause and see and build a process through from points A-Z, then helping you to hold your staff accountable to it is second to none.

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The Billion dollar girl Method

Toni Anne isn’t just a speaker, she actively managed over a Billion dollar operation and can help you operate like a Billion dollar operator yourself!