Online universities are popping up everywhere because this is the day and age we live in. People want to grow their knowledge, their careers and their bank account but need the flexibility to do it on their own time schedule. If these online universities exist for almost every industry we can think of, why not automotive? Sure, plenty of trainers have online training platforms but they usually only cover one area of expertise, so you would need to have multiple platforms and logins.

BDG Online University brings you over 125 training and certification modules with new modules being added quarterly based on dealer demand. We work for you and we customize the curriculum you want to see to help you keep your people trained up, conditioned and focused. Like any other muscle the brain must be exercised to be strengthened. You can’t just do one sit up and have abs of steel so you can’t just train once and expect to be efficient and that is what BDG Online University provides you! You get the best in the business-The Billion Dollar Girl, our CEO and founder, Toni Anne at a fraction of her daily rate every single day!


These courses cover everything about managing by personality type to get the most production from your employees focusing on feedback, motivation, and retention based on the individual characteristics of the employee.  Toni Anne also covers how to set clear expectations, meaningful objections, and cultivate consistency and purpose in your people. There are 42 modules in this course resulting in management and leadership certification for anyone you have tasked to manage other people in your organization.


This may the best series of courses on the entire platform! Most leaders in automotive come up through the ranks and receive no formal training on how to truly lead, retain and cultivate a positive environment that people want to work in! From learning how to recruit, conduct a proper interview, and coach, counsel and train your staff, Toni Anne will have you leading the troops effectively in no time!

Phone Skills

These courses are broken out into 4 different sub courses, and contain 20 modules in all. The 4 different sub course categories are new car phone skills, used car phone skills, outbound phone skills and advanced phone skills. Advanced phone skills include how to be prepared and handle price and payment shoppers, rare vehicles, super specific pre-owned pieces of inventory, credit challenges, prior poor experiences and much more! Outbound phone skills include drilling into specialty areas like data mining, unsold follow up, subprime leads and more. Certification in these courses result in building an army of phone soldiers ready to handle any customer inquiry over the phone or online.


Learn how to build and set up your internet and BDC departments, as well as use your CRM to help your team work smarter not harder from the Queen of BDC herself. From actual room set up to pay plans to training games, Toni Anne will virtually bring to you what she spent 10 years building on her own for a 23 rooftop-top 10 dealer group.


This 8 course section is perfect for new reception hires or any current receptionist who has never had formal training. From the proper phone greeting to taking messages, paging procedure, basic qualities and etiquette plus much more you will be making a great first impression to any customer that calls your organization!

Digital Marketing

These courses cover website checklists, conversion best practices and suggestions, how to learn the basics of reading Google Analytics and Ad Words, and how to hold your digital marketing vendors accountable. Toni Anne gives you a high level overview and teaches your just enough to understand what to look for.

Metric Management

We have all heard the saying “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” and that is the truth. In this 10 course section, Toni Anne discusses and teaches what key KPI’s and benchmarks you need to look at, how to act on those KPI’s in tangible ways, vendor accountability, KPI’s for dealer groups, and individual metrics management for projecting and forecasting for the BDC and sales agents to hold themselves personally accountable every month!

Service BDC

Dealers keep 80 cents on the dollar in fixed operations so why not invest in your service BDC? These modules teach you how to build, set up and pay service BDC agents, as well as contain phone call training so they are equipped to handle price objections, technical questions, diagnostic questions and many more objections rebuttals. There are also certifications available for outbound opportunities such as recommended maintenance, inspection reminders, service defectors, declined service and more!


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